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DEF Global Goals nieuwAfter the successful ‘Millennium Municipality’ campaign which was set up to raise public awareness for the Millennium Development goals, VNG International launched a renewed campaign revolving around the newly adopted United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The Global Goals Municipality Campaign: Gemeenten4GlobalGoals
A central conviction within the campaign is that local governments are key agents in the new development agenda. A number of goals, such as Goal 11 (sustainable cities) and 16 (effective, accountable and inclusive institutions) to name just two, are of particular relevance to municipalities as they occupy a central position within the everyday practices of municipalities. However, all of the goals are – to a certain extent- local goals, which means that local governments can contribute to each and every one of them.
Logo Global GoalsThe Global Goals Municipality Campaign is dedicated to raise awareness for the Global Goals and aims to inspire and mobilize Dutch municipalities in the achievement of the goals. VNG International will offer assistance and will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices between municipalities.
The achievement of the Global Goals will require efforts in every country in the world. They question the way we live, the way we produce and consume, and the way we structure our economies. The Goals can spark our creative thinking in terms of reform and policy changes supporting sustainable development.
The success of the new development agenda will thus depend on the commitment of a broad range of stakeholders. Local governments can engage and connect different local stakeholders to ensure inclusive  and joint local action in the achievement of the Global Goals. The campaign will support municipalities to create an enabling and vibrant environment in which active citizens, businesses, volunteers, etc. will be able to find and inspire each other and start local partnerships for sustainable development and international cooperation.

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