Ethiopia Social Accountability Program Phase 2

logo ESAPPVNG International is the Management Agency of the Ethiopia Social Accountability Program Phase 2 (ESAP2). This programme is part of the Protection of Basic Services program, which is implemented by the Government at regional, woreda and kebele levels. Financed through a World Bank – managed multi-donor trust fund, ESAP2 is guided and supervised by a steering committee formed of representatives of the government, civil society and development partners. The overall objective of ESAP2 is to contribute to strengthening the access and quality of basic public services implemented by local government institutions in the areas of water and sanitation, education, agriculture, rural roads and health care.

Within ESAP2, VNG International manages the grant scheme and strengthens the use of social accountability tools, approaches and mechanisms by citizens and citizens groups, civil society organizations, local government officials and service providers as a means to make basic service delivery more equitable, effective, efficient, responsive and accountable.

The grant scheme of ESAP2 provides an important funding opportunity to CSOs for social accountability initiatives in Ethiopia. Funds will be allocated to projects, which seek to give voice to the needs and concerns of all citizens on their access to basic public services. These projects seek to enhance citizens’ dialogue with local governments and service providers to contribute to and increase the demand for improved quality services.

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