Egypt: Support to Public Administration Reform and Local Development

Egypt has recently launched a “Strategy for Administrative Reform” which envisions an efficient, effective, transparent, fair, and responsive governmental system that is capable to provide quality services, capable to fulfil developmental objectives and to ensure accountability. Furthermore, the Egyptian government has increased commitment to gradually transcend towards decentralisation. In line with the new Constitution, the Egyptian government is committed to support administrative, financial and economic decentralisation (Article 176).

In the present project, which will cover a period of three years and will commence as of April 2015, VNG International, in consortium with the  École Nationale d’Administration (ENA) from France, aims to assist the Egyptian government  in its efforts to develop and apply good governance principles, which should be reflected in improved services to the Egyptian citizens and deepened citizens’ engagement at local levels. Staff from VNG International´s Cairo project office and a pool of EU Member states experts will work in a comprehensive way with both the Egyptian Ministry of Planning Monitoring and Administrative Reform (MoPMAR) and the Ministry of Local Development (MoLD) to achieve the aims of the project.

More specifically, the project will focus on strengthening the capacity of the Government of Egypt to improve and measure performance of administrations delivering public services to citizens, to perform successfully its decentralisation process, and in particular to develop local administration’s skills and competencies for policy planning, budgeting and reengineering of procedures in order to ensure better quality of services, efficiency and transparency. Improvements will be made at different levels, including institutions, processes, and human capacities.  It will do so through a wide variety of project activities, ranging from assessments, capacity building, to the provision of technical advice.


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