Peace Building and Reconstruction

VNG International has extensive experience in:Brug Mostar

  • promoting dialogue and preventing conflicts at local level
  • improving participation and democracy in fragile states
  • bringing opposing parties together and raise confidence
  • restoring municipal services after armed conflict and natural disasters
  • promoting the concept of ‘city diplomacy’: local politicians commit themselves to peace-building

Featured project: Advice to the Local Government Board of South Sudan
The Local Government Board of South Sudan  asked VNG International to give an advice on the effect of decentralization: whether it reduces conflict or  intensifies separatist tendencies.

Featured service: Role-play for military personnel
A role-play to sensitize German and Dutch military personnel to local governance dynamics in fragile states which was part of Exercise Peregrine Sword: Building Bridges between the Military and Local Leaders.

VNG International Policy Brief #6 Local government in violent and fragile areas

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