Local Government Associations

Local Government Associations play an important role in building 3 Burgermeestersproductive intergovernmental relations.

VNG International has extensive experience in strengthening the capacities of sister associations.  Depending on the stage of development of the association and its national context, activities can focus on strengthening:

  • the actual functioning of the association (HR management, financial management and sustainability, constitution, internal procedures and constituent bodies, strategic planning, etc.)
  • the development of lobby and communication mechanisms
  • the capacity to engage in development projects of international donors

Featured project: Strengthening Local Government Associations in ACP countries (ARIAL)

A programme to improve the participative power of local governments by strengthening their primal representative bodies: the Associations of Local GovernmentsFeatured service:  The ARIAL  Publication & Tools system

ARIAL’s Publications and Tools system helps Local Government Associations to become better at identifying the development needs of local governments and therefore at responding to those needs.

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