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Taking first steps towards increased integrity and anti-corruption strategies in South Kivu, DRC.

From 18 till 20 July 2018, The Hague Academy and VNG International organised a three day training in Bukavu, DR Congo, on the promotion of integrity and the fight against corruption. The training was held in the framework of the INAWEZEKANA (together it is possible) programme implemented by VNG International, ZOA and War Child and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Netherlands).

The training targeted the administrations and civil society organisations of the programme’s intervention zone, more specifically the provincial administration of South Kivu (the ministry of planning and budget), the administration of the Territory of Kalehe and the administration of the Buhavu Chiefdom or Chefferie.

In DR Congo the Chefferie is a decentralised local authority led by a traditional Chief or Mwami. The Chefferie is responsible for amongst others development and investment planning, budgeting, tax collection and the delivery of a variety of services. In its ambition to maximise local revenues and to rebuild thrust between its population and the administration, the Chefferie of
Buhavu identified systematic corruption as one of the root causes of local tax collection inefficiencies.

The training did not only had the objective to raise awareness and build capacities through practical exercises and conducting
organisational diagnostics, but also aimed to develop action plans to promote integrity and fight corruption. All administrative levels and civil society organisations present developed and presented action plans through which they commit to:

• setup an anti-fraud cell and to raise the frequency of inspections at the Territorial and Chefferie level (Provincial administration);
• deliver technical assistance to the Chefferie and to enhance the monitoring & evaluation of the implementation of the Chefferie     plans and budgets (Territorial administration);
• set up a financial monitoring system, to make an inventory of the tax collectors and to change their motivations (Chefferie    administration);
• strengthen their own capacities on local taxes and raise awareness in the communities on tax nomenclature (Civil Society organisations).

As a follow-up to the training VNG International, together with its partners, will deliver coaching and technical assistance to the
administrations and CSOs in view of the implementation of the action plans.

“ Integrity is something different then what I thought it was before I received this training.
This experience helped us to identify various levels of corruption practices we are now fully aware of. ”
(Chef de service, Territory of Kalehe)

Nicolas Haezebrouck,

The Hague Academy for Local Governance

You can access a video (in French) about the training on THA website: click here.

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