8 aug

Purple purpose

I am on what they call an exploratory mission or preparatory mission, which kind of means that you can still discover what you want to do next and where that should exactly contribute to.

Well I guess I found my purpose today. While waiting for a meeting at the League of Cities in the Philippines, I discovered a wonderful purple cake. Who has ever seen such thing? No doubt of course that I had to try, and as in the Philippines they love food, I had to share as well. Later discovering that also the bank notes are purple and the Peruvian restaurant even offered purple tortillas, I can come to no other conclusion that I have to elaborate a purple Theory of Change, in which somehow I have to fit Local Government Units and future planning for Manila. So I guess my objective will start with purple-ising Manila Bay by strengthening local governments?

Prepare for meeting with League of Cities in the Philippines, Alfonso García (associate expert VNG International, Liza Zurbito (Human Cities Coalition), Irene Oostveen (senior project manager VNG International)





By Irene Oostveen

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