Zimbabwe, Local Authorities Capacity Enhancement Project

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Civil society
Municipal Development Partnership Zimbabwe (MDP)
Delegation of the European Union to Zimbabwe

The wider objective of the project is to enhance the participation of Local Authorities (LAs) and Association of Local Authorities (ALA) in Zimbabwe’s public policies and programs as a way of contributing to a more equitable, open and democratic society.

The specific objectives are threefold:
1. To assist CLGF to develop and support the realignment and reform of legislation and regulations in line with the devolution provisions
2. To enhance the skills and knowledge of local authority staff and local authority associations in the definition and implementation of public policies at local level as well as in representation
3. To engage citizens in local governance

The expected results of the project are:
Result 1: Legislative framework on devolution developed and institutionalised.
Result 2: Increased capacity of LA in the definition and implementation of public policies at local level
Result 3: Strengthened institutional capacities and internal structure of National ALAs as a representative actor
Result 4: Increased participation of the citizens in the policy making processes
Result 5: Improved multi-stakeholder dialogues between LA, ALA and other stakeholders


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