Tunisia, Programme for Support for Democratic Urban Governance and Local Economic Development

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Local economic development,Gender,Post-conflict reconstruction,Employment,Civil Registry
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Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The overall aim of the project “Programme for Support of Democratic Urban Governance and Local Economic Development in Tunisia” is the consolidation of democratic local government and local economic development contributing to the transition to democracy in Tunisia.
The specific objectives of the project are as follows:

1. Strengthening the capacity of the communes for democratic urban government;
2. Strengthening the capacity of the communes in local economic development and promoting employment;
3. Strengthening the capacity of the local community associations relating to support for the transition to democracy, equality of the sexes and the participation of youth;
4. Support for decentralisation and the transition to democracy;
5. Strengthening of cross-border cooperation between Tunisia and Libya.

The results desired from the project are the development of participative development strategies and local economic development promoting the participation of citizens and partnerships with public and private operators and civil society, the modernisation of communal services, support for action in Democratic Urban Government, the strengthening of strategies and support for local participative economic development action, improvement in the skills of communal officials and local partners, the promotion of a climate favourable to local elections that are free, transparent and peaceful, the strengthening of structures for supporting equality of the sexes and young people, the strengthening of a dialogue with the ANC [National Constituent Assembly of Tunisia], the DGCL [Directorate General of Local Authorities], the FNVT [National Federation of Tunisian Cities] and the CFAD [Training and Decentralisation Support Centre] relating to decentralisation, support for the operational implementation of decentralisation centrally, the promotion of exchanges of experience between the communes of Tunisia and Libya, and support for pilot municipal action in the communes relating to economic development promoting partnership between the two countries.


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