Libya and Tunisia, Support to democratic local government

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Peace Building and Reconstruction
Post-conflict reconstruction,Civil society,Community development,Urban and Town planning
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands

General objective of the project:
Consolidation of democratic local governance towards stability and social peace in Tunisia and Libya. This project addresses the pressing needs of local authorities faced with revolution or reform in the Arab world. The project supports local democracy and pluralism, local interim administrations, community conflict prevention initiatives, and the participation of women and young people in all of this.

Specific objectives of the project:
1. Promotion of democratic principles and capacity building tools in municipal planning and local basic services, and the relationships between local and national governments
2. Participation of civil society, women and young people and women in local democracy
3. Linking of (interim) local government to local civil society organizations in order to establish mechanisms for conflict prevention, including the preparation of non-violent
4. Promotion of cross-border cooperation between Libyan and Tunisian local governments

The expected results of the project are:
Democratization of local governments in the pilot areas in Tunisia and Libya, including the improvement of the relationship between the government and the citizens, a more present and active citizen participation, the development of municipal structures and non-violent municipal elections, progress of the relation between the local government and the local civil society in order to prevent possible conflicts.


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