6 sep

It’s a long story

Today I am in Tunis and preparations for a large VNG International Tunisia event about local government and peace building in Libya are in full swing.

Scores of mayors and councillors and the occasional ministerial official, from many parts of Libya, descended on Tunis. They stand on opposite sides of the divides in that country, but seem amiable enough in the dining hall of the hotel. As always public enmity goes hand in hand with communication and sometimes cooperation behind the scenes. Evidently the team of VNG International Tunisia  enjoys respect all over the board, but bringing these people together cannot have been easy for them.

Getting from Libya to Tunis is hard these days. Stories abound  about road blocks, interrogations, and an endless need for description of our project to indicate that, no, this project is not composed of spies and no,  it is not taking sides. Add to this the delays of the flights. Asked to tell about the trip, the reply often starts or ends with ‘It is a long story’. But they are in Tunis now and as of tomorrow, we will see Libyan style local peace building at work.

Arne Musch
Business Unit Manager

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