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“For us, participatory governance is the basic principle of local governance”

Action plans, training curricula, benchmarking outcomes and discussions on participatory governance: the key ingredients of a successful final conference. On 2 December, the main outputs of the ‘Leadership for Security and Rule of Law’ programme in Albania were presented, during the closing ceremony that took place in Tirana.

The aim of the final conference was to share and discuss the institutionalisation and sustainability of the project outputs, addressing issues that touch the daily life of citizens; such as the quality of life in neighbourhoods and road safety, but also nuisances, violence and crimes.

After the presentation of the main outcomes of the security benchmarking component, the participating pilots were proud to announce that they have already acted on some of the outcomes. Since the citizens’ survey (carried out among 600 citizens in 6 municipalities) showed the dissatisfaction with the problem of street dogs, several municipalities have started taking measures, such as establishing shelters, increasing the number of vaccinations and cooperating with the national level and other municipalities.

Through the project’s training programme, new leaders were trained on leadership skills in relation to good governance and the rule of law. During the conference, participants shared with the group how they have learned as much from the process of involving all stakeholders and discussing their needs, as well as from the actual implementation of their back home action plans.

During the discussion on the project’s workshops on participatory governance – focussing on the importance of consultation and participation of civil society and minorities – a participant from one of the pilot municipalities stated that participatory governance should be a basic principle, especially at the local level. A great remark to conclude a successful project with!

The project was implemented from Sept 2013 – Nov 2015 to strengthen the democratic leadership skills of government institutions in Turkey, Serbia and Albania to ensure public security. VNG International was managing the project in cooperation with its partners The Hague Academy for Local Governance , CILC, PBLQ ROI and collaborated in Albania with partner FLAG. The Euro 2,1 M project was financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the programme for cooperation for rule of law.

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