25 sep Impact on conflict prevention

Two years after the project ‘From Fragile to Stable: Peacebuilding in Guatemala’, we received the good news that the municipality of Santo Domingo Xenacoj today publically and proudly presents its own Municipal Conflict Prevention Policy. ... Read more ›

19 sep Inclusiveness at heart

A hike, a bike and good company. The Dutch kick-off of the RPM week raised some questions: “Why do you have a bike with you?” “Are we going to walk to the office?”. The local teams from South Sudan, Mali, Rwanda, Burundi, the Palestinian Territories and Somaliland did some sightseeing on their way to VNG International where they joined the Hague team for a workshop on the IDEAL programme. Inclusiveness at heart…... Read more ›

17 sep Mienskip in Myanmar

On a cloudy Monday morning in early September, a colourful group, consisting of four foreign delegations, roams the streets of Leeuwarden.... Read more ›

10 sep The dilemma of the Local Council I structures within the refugee hosting districts of Uganda

17 years after the last Local Council I elections were conducted, over 60,000 villages across Uganda went to the polls to elect their local council leaders on July 10th 2018. By having the elections successfully concluded, it leaves an enormous responsibility on the newly elected Local Council leaders, most especially within the refugee hosting districts. The Local Council Chairpersons have to brace themselves for the challenges attributed to the self-settled refugees in the refugee hosting districts including Koboko Municipal Council. ... Read more ›

7 sep Dare to experiment with an integrated governance approach

In today’s world, the biggest challenges that we face are interconnected. If the elements affect one another, treating the parts as separate will not bring you closer to a solution. Or, you may find that the solution for one part of the problem creates a negative effect elsewhere.... Read more ›

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