19 nov First communal playground for Syrian and Lebanese children opened

Last week, two playgrounds and communal public gathering place were inaugurated by the Netherlands ambassador to Lebanon, H.E. Jan Waltmans. The spaces were co-designed by the Syrian and Lebanese communities of the town of Kawkba with assistance from VNG International and the expert input of public planners from Lebanon and the municipality of The Hague. ... Read more ›

29 okt Crisis: how to prevent or what to do?

On 24 October, a webinar on working in countries and cities in crisis was co-organized by the CIB working group and the UCLG Working Group on prevention and management of territorial crisis and hosted by FCM. This virtual environment provided an opportunity to share experience and good practices in working in countries and cities in crisis and to learn from each other. Below a summary on what was shared by our three speakers: ... Read more ›

Training Local Officials on Integrity and Anti-Corruption in the DR Congo

Earlier this month, The Hague Academy, jointly with VNG International, organised a pair of three-day trainings on Integrity and Anti-Corruption in the eastern part of the DRC. ... Read more ›

16 okt Annual forum on land management in Benin

On the 11th and 12th of October 2018, the Annual Forum on land management on a local level was organised by the Association Nationale des Communes du Bénin (ANCB – National association of municipalities in Benin), in cooperation with the Association Nationale du Domaine et du Foncier (ANDF – National association of land affairs). ... Read more ›

15 okt International conference on cross-border cooperation

On 9 and 10 October, CILG-VNG International organised the International Conference on Cross-Border Cooperation: Lessons for the Tunisian-Libyan Case.... Read more ›

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