10 dec Repairing Lebanese-Syrian relations: the Hard Way

Works have started on improving the biggest park in the Western Beqaa’ town of Ghazzeh, which hosts an estimated 15.000-20.000 Syrian refugees, besides 13.000 Lebanese inhabitants. The park was co-designed with both the Syrian refugee and Lebanese communities of Ghazzeh. ... Read more ›

Committee of the Regions wants 500 million euro for development cooperation with local authorities

As rapporteur “Neighbourhood and the World” within the Committee of the Regions (CoR), Mayor Hans Janssen argues for an earmarked budget for municipal development cooperation, as well as for partnerships between municipalities and regions from the EU and their counterparts in other countries.... Read more ›

7 dec The Impact of Self-Settled Refugees..

The programme Empowering Refugee Hosting Districts in Uganda: Making the Nexus Work implemented by VNG International conducted a household survey on the impact the presence of self-settled refugees has on service delivery in Koboko Municipal Council. The report was presented during the regional meeting of the Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA) of the Northern region. An overwhelming number of over 300 people were present. ... Read more ›

6 dec Back to Kosovo

A small jail. Not for me but for most of the Kosovars. This beautiful natured country is surrounded by spectacular mountain ridges. It is not these natural borders that confine the Kosovars in Kosovo.... Read more ›

29 nov Inspirational lessons from the city of Peace and Melody

Where better can you find inspiration than in a country known as the Rainbow Nation? A nation that has succeeded in dismantling the institutionalised segregation -called apartheid- and has overcome high unemployment rates and poverty. ... Read more ›

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