4 Mei The Chronicle of a Suspended Suspension

VNG International’s land project in Benin was marked by its sixth steering committee last week: twice a year the project’s partners sit together and discuss the state of affairs in the PFL project. Though generally, this is quite a straight forward affair, last week’s steering committee and the one before that were anything but straight forward … thanks to the chronicle of the suspended suspension.... Read more ›

21 Apr Official launch of Human Cities Coalition

On 20 April, VNG International attended the official launch of the Human Cities Coalition (HCC). The Human Cities Coalition brings together more than 150 stakeholders and 20 partners, including VNG International, to focus on realizing Goal 11 of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals: sustainable cities and communities. ... Read more ›

7 Apr VNG International travels to Somaliland for the first time

Somaliland is the target region for one of the projects starting under VNG International’s new Inclusive Decisions At Local Level (IDEAL) programme. This will be VNG International’s first programme in Somaliland, stemming from a request from the Association of Local Government Authorities of Somaliland (ALGASL) to receive the kind of support that VNG International provides to many other African associations. ... Read more ›

Reuters Worldbank Visit to Stafford, Virginia
28 Mrt VNG International attends World Bank’s Land & Poverty Conference

Government officials mingled with civil society organisations, researches listened to presentations of development workers, and business entrepreneurs pitched their ideas to representatives from various umbrella organisations. ... Read more ›

22 Mrt Eastern Ukraine: capacity building of municipalities and participatory governance

Six selected municipalities in Eastern Ukraine have started pilot projects to increase the engagement of the civil society in local decision-making. ... Read more ›

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