4 Jan New Corporate Identity VNG International

The Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) and its daughter companies have decided to subtly modernize their corporate identity in order to enhance their visual recognition nationally and internationally. ... Read more ›

2 Jan Help “Talent for Governance” to make 2017 a great year for good local governance worldwide!

Reliable local services, inclusive local policies and effective partnerships within local communities are crucial to achieve stability, promote sustainable development and increase the quality of life of citizens worldwide.... Read more ›

29 Dec Marial Bai Agreement to regulate relations between farmers and pastoralists in Wau area

Seasonal migration of pastoralists from Tonj and Gogrial to Wau State during the dry season will this time depend on the fulfillments of requirements imposed by the Marial Bai Agreement of 15-17 December 2016. The agreement is intended to regulate the relationship between pastoralists and farmers.... Read more ›

16 Dec Lebanese Union Presidents agree on comprehensive LED strategy for the West Beqaa

From the 7th to the 9th of December, the Presidents of seven Unions of Municipalities brought a visit to the Netherlands from Lebanon. Four of them were here to sign an agreement on cooperation in the implementation of a new local economic development (LED) strategy for the West Beqaa.... Read more ›

15 Dec Participatory Cartography in Benin

As in many parts of Africa, land rights in Benin are largely undocumented, resulting in land related conflicts accounting for 60% of court cases. In order to fast-track the modernisation of the country’s legal and institutional framework initiated under the in 2013 introduced Land Code (Code Foncier et Domanial), citizens in two municipalities were asked to draw out the borders of their own villages. The result of this experiment: an inclusive and inexpensive tool for the demarcation of villages, municipalities or departments, called Participatory Cartography.... Read more ›

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