22 feb Local Economic Development Units on the West Bank – Units of Cooperation and Inclusivity

In collaboration with the Municipal Development & Lending Fund (MDLF), VNG International has organized a two-day working event on Institutionalization & Operationalization of Local Economic Development (LED) Units for five pilot municipalities on the West Bank (Ramallah, Al-Bireh, Jericho, Qalqilya and Dura).... Read more ›

21 feb Mosul

Today, I am in Mosul, Iraq. An iconic city throughout the multiple crises that afflicted the country in its recent history. Frantic reconstruction is taking place; but for the inhabitants of this city of two million before IS, it is not fast enough.... Read more ›


From 6 to 8 February a delegation from Somaliland and Puntland visited the Netherlands as part of the EU-funded ASPIRE project of VNG International (Advancing Strong Partnerships for Inclusive and Resilient Economic Development). The participants visited the municipalities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Zoetermeer to gather knowledge and to find inspiration for initiatives to promote local economic development in their own country.... Read more ›

5 feb Darts and horse racing for a sustainable future

The DEALS programme, aimed at cities in Latin America, Africa and Asia, is showing progress. ... Read more ›

1 feb Manila Bay in the headlines of the newspapers

Each time I travel abroad, I remind myself how worthwhile it is to follow the local Newspapers. This time my alarm went off hearing about the President of the Philippines announcing the Clean-Up of Manila Bay as a presidential order. I consider it a major flood over my programme strategy. I never considered this in my assumptions, nor in my list of risks, not even as an objective to target. How to interpret this move?... Read more ›

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