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19 jun The way to the final

DEALS roadmap to making a multi-stakeholder deal for inclusive and sustainable development for fast-growing cities... Read more ›

It is not possible to fall asleep

It must have been about a year ago that I saw a group of around 15 VNG colleagues with colourful balloons presenting themselves as the newly trained group of in-house facilitators. Where I first saw them as a free of charge excellent support to my work, I must admit, I was also convinced that facilitating is a skill that touches upon the core of my work. So the idea of being one myself came up too often to avoid the thought. ... Read more ›

23 mei Choosing the right type of strategic planning in Libyan municipalities during the crisis

"After four years at the helm of municipalities, the strategic planning document that the municipality produced at the start-up was our guide in all the periods we have been through. Admittedly, it was not possible for us to carry out all the planned projects, but we had a repository for our action ". With these words, Mohamed Snam, Mayor of Wazen, talked about his experience in strategic planning in his municipality. ... Read more ›

Libyan Tunisian border municipalities Develop their Common Capacities in Lobbying and Advocacy

The Libyan and Tunisian border municipalities have increasingly undertaken institutionalised and structured relationships through the activities of the EU funded ''Libya Local Governance and Stabilisation Programme''. ... Read more ›

18 mei Involving citizens in local safety and security.

The exchange of experiences between Albania and the Netherlands.... Read more ›

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