21 okt Bicycles in Za’atari

I am in Jordan, in Za'atari camp. It is a great and sensitive debate whether to allow the building of more permanent infrastructure there, in which good points are made on all sides of the argument. The uncertainties and complexities are many. Most refugees want to return to Syria, but no-one knows when that will become a realistic option for the majority of them. Meanwhile, many more refugees live in Jordan's cities than in camps. Still, from electricity to sewage to a little concrete here and there, the development of that camp marches on.... Read more ›

20 okt A handsome mathematician

For sure this was my best day at the Habitat III Conference. Since yesterday afternoon I can’t talk and think about anything else: Mr. Fajardo. I heard so much about him before, which made me a bit skeptical beforehand. Medellin is the only city in Latin America that everybody talks about since he was the Mayor in the period 2004-2008. ... Read more ›

17 okt Getting to know the city…

VNG in Quito for Habitat III - pre-conference (day 1- Sunday 16)... Read more ›

5 sep Make emergency measures result in something fit for the future.

I am in Lebanon where governance and society are amazingly complex. It is no small assignment here to help municipalities deal with the effects of the Syrian refugee crisis. Still, we seem to be doing well almost one year since we started, as requests from ministries to give additional advice come in and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands connects us with many important programmes.... Read more ›

12 jul What a marvellous experience!

A brief introduction. In 2015, I was voted young civil servant of the year. One of the prizes I received was an introduction trip provided by VNG international. On 14 May 2016, I therefore boarded a flight to Durban, to attend the WISA conference. ... Read more ›

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