14 dec A visit from Cuba – a first-timer for VNG International

A Cuban delegation visited the Netherlands beginning of December. As part of an European Union funded exchange programme they visited VNG to know more about the Dutch decentralisation practice. The Cubans were specifically interested to know how municipalities are doing with youth care and services for the elderly and disabled. ... Read more ›

5 dec Harambee: Swahili for “bringing together”

Last week I was in Nairobi with a Zimbabwean delegation to appreciate the Big Bang Devolution process of Kenya and how that can serve an example to Zimbabwe. ... Read more ›

28 nov The power of the partnership

Without my intention and honestly I did not saw this coming, I cause a series of passionate declarations amongst Ugandan and Dutch municipalities that I only could observe and try to understand. I was involved in this, although I was not sure how.... Read more ›

18 nov Hoy somos sostenible

The first cooperation between VNG International and AMUNIC (Asociación de Municipios de Nicaragua) started in 1996 with the NEWS programme and an exchange with an Eastern European and African country. ... Read more ›

Photo: Lauri Kee Schep
31 okt Sugar Crisis in Egypt

€1=13,10 EGP & $1=12,20 EGP on Aug 1st €1=14,25 EGP & $1=13,00 EGP on Sep 30th €1=15,50 EGP & $1=14,50 EGP on Oct 14th €1=18,50 EGP & $1=17,10 EGP on Oct 29th ... ... Read more ›

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