10 mei Giving new meaning to hospitality during my internship in Benin

On my very first night in Benin, I was immediately introduced to the ever-joking nature of the Beninese. It happened when my colleague Anouk proposed to order ‘une Béninoise’ and I, not knowing what it was, hesitantly confirmed. Immediately, the national coordinator of the project, Egy Sossou, seized the opportunity and asked me: “la jupe ou la bouteille?”. I could tell from the overly amused look on his face, that my confused reaction was the desired one. I learned that this was the regularly used joke when ordering this Beninese beer and over the following weeks had the chance to witness it as a spectator several times. Hence, a pleasant start of what would become an equally pleasant and interesting month. ... Read more ›

19 apr A Gem in Upper Egypt

The road is bumpy and dark. Every few hundred meters a new 'sleeping policeman', the speed bumps that you find in every housing area in Egypt.... Read more ›

23 dec From North to South in Eastern DRC

End of November, a VNG International delegation travelled through the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), to visit the ongoing programme in North Kivu and Ituri and to attend to the final conference of our programme in South Kivu. ... Read more ›

21 dec Documenting most significant change stories from LGCP South Africa

Seeking to combat South Africa’s severe periods of drought and slagging economic progress, LGCP South Africa has supported local governance institutions in South Africa in their water management and local economic development policies since 2012. December 2016 was marked by the end of LGCP’s activities in South Africa, a great moment to look back at the achievements of the last 5 years. ... Read more ›

16 dec Bittersweet goodbye: my last mission for LGCP Benin

The last days of my last mission to Benin, within the framework of the Local Government Capacity Programme, are here. After 7 missions to Benin in 2,5 years I can say that I have developed a love-hate relationship with the country. Hate, because Salmonella, Shigella and Campylobacter all managed to affect my intestines over here, which makes that I now only eat vegan when in Benin. Other things which will not be missed: the rather extreme heat, the risk of getting malaria, the dusty roads, the slow or non-existing internet and the crazy traffic in Cotonou.... Read more ›

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