16 apr Urban Refugees; They Are There, But They Are Not

In the second week of March two cars left Kampala and travelled up North, with Koboko Municipal Council as its destination. Slowly but surely the scenery changed. The surroundings became greener, with gentle sloping grounds, and, if lucky, an elephant crossing the road. Traditional round houses with thatched roofs popping up like mushrooms. Some of the houses are decorated with exuberant paintings and texts – a message of love from a husband to its wife, according to the Mayor of Koboko. ... Read more ›

15 feb Accountability in Myanmar – a tale of two towns

While many CSO in Myanmar are facing Nay Pyi Taw, we have our feet in a muddy drain and waste dump of two towns in Tanintharyi Region. We, that is VNG International and Loka Ahlin in cooperation with the regional government and with support from the European Union Delegation to Myanmar, are trying out social accountability training. ... Read more ›

30 nov Turkey, cities and camps

This week I am in Turkey, the country hosting the astonishing number of over 3 million refugees. The facilities are top notch and cities as well as their inhabitants have shown remarkable resilience in the face of this great influx.... Read more ›

15 nov Blog by Arne Musch – Iraqi Kurdistan

Today I am in Dahuk in Iraqi Kurdistan for a spatial planning workshop. ... Read more ›

20 okt So much more than land registration alone

We gather beneath the tree. On the spot where the SVGF – the land management commission on village level – usually enters into dialogue with the inhabitants. Our visit to their lands just now was followed with great attention. ... Read more ›

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