10 okt

Bonjour les Dealers ! …

...was the name chosen by the vice mayor to greet the focal team of the DEALS project in Sèmè-Podji (Benin).

A nickname that can lead to some confusion when used in an inappropriate setting (at immigration for instance). But in this context, this turned out to be quite a compliment to acknowledge the team spirit that is growing between the members of the focal team.
This team spirit is a good first result of the project that aims to reinforce 6 urban governments to tackle urban challenges in an innovative and future proof manner, amongst others through reinforced internal and external cooperation.
The project in Sèmè-Podji, called ‘My waste, my treasure’, aims to improve the management of waste in the municipality, in a sustainable and inclusive way, while cooperating with relevant stakeholders. My waste, my treasure you may leave that to the Dealers!

Anouk Lodder, Project Manager VNG International


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